Quote #2

“Dream. Do. Achieve. The ‘impossible’.”

Quotes I think of-

#1 I don’t need to be or feel accepted by others, I accept myself and that’s enough. And to those that do, they’re who really matter.


Bullying has been and continues to be a serious problem.  There are many actions to bullying, such as verbal or physical abuse, making threats, excluding someone-making them feel inferior, forcing someone to do something, cyber bullying and spreading rumors. Any of these forms of bullying have impacted so many people. Those affected have even thought…

Dear mom,

Thank you. Thank you for eveything you do, for your patience, strength and for always having my back. I thank God everyday for giving me and my sibilings the best mother anyone could ask for. You’ve taught me everything that there is to know on how to be a good person and how to take…


I’ve seen a lot of posts where people who wear makeup are being shamed. Other people think that we put on make up to impress someone, because we aren’t confident or we’re insecure. No. First of all, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. No one puts on makeup to impress you. They do it…